Utah: A state in the western United States.It became the 45th state admitted to the U.S. on January 4, 1896. Utah is the 13th-largest by area, 31st-most-populous, and 10th-least-densely populated of the 50 United States.Utah has a population of more than 3 million according to the Census estimate for July 1, 2016. The name “Utah” comes from the Native American “Ute” tribe and means people of the mountains. Utah’s nickname is the “Beehive State.” For additional information visit Wikipedia.

Utah Nursing News

According to Nurse.org Utah ranks number 38 among all 50 states in nursing salary. The average RN salary $63,050 and average hourly is $30.31.  The number of RNs in Utah, as of 2019, is 21,340. (stats from Nurse.org)


Youtube video of the arrested Utah nurse after she was following hospital policy. Youtube video of the arrested Utah nurse leads to Lieutenant Officer Demotion

Utah Online Nursing Resources

Utah Board of Nursing Utah Nurses Association The Utah Nurses Association has been an early supporter of expanding Medicaid fully in Utah. We have testified, monitored, and advocated for this expansion. Our legislators have worked long and hard and have still failed to expand Medicaid sufficiently to cover even half of the uninsured in Utah. Dual UNA/ANA membership for $15.00 per month.

Utah Nursing Schools

Accredited nursing schools in Utah with contact information, addresses, tuition and fees. Google Map of Utah Nursing Schools

Utah Hospitals

Hospitals in Utah Google Map of Utah Hospitals

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Nursing Gateway can Help!! Click on the main page under Careers tab and select your nursing field and then the blue Job Search button Choose from many nursing specialties including advanced practice, hospital, and community jobs in nursing.

Utah Nursing Stores

For a list of the major nursing stores in Utah.  (click on the google map to see all major nursing stores).
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Utah State Facts

Utah was acquired by the United States in 1848 in the treaty ending the Mexico War.

Utah symbols

Salt Lake City… Utah is the only state whose capital’s name is made of three words. All three words in Salt Lake City have four letters each. Salt Lake City was originally named Great Salt Lake City. Great was dropped from the name in 1868.
Utah’s flag features the state seal against a field of blue. The date 1847 is the year the Mormons came to Utah. 1896 is the year Utah became the 45th state.
visit state symbols USA for more Utah state symbols

Utah sports

List of professional sports teams in Utah per Wikepedia. List of college athletic programs in Utah

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Utah

  1. Arches National Park
  2. Zion National Park
  3. Monument Valley
  4. Great Salt Lake
  5. Canyonlands National Park
  6. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
  7. Homestead Crater
  8. Bear Lake
  9. Capitol Reef National Park
  10. Bryce Canyon National Park
Visit VacationIdea.com for more travel destinations in Utah

Utah fun facts

  1. Levan, is “navel” spelled backwards. It is so named because it is in the middle of Utah.
  2. Interstate 70 enters the eastern edge of the state, from Grand Junction Colorado, and ends where it intersects Interstate 15, near Cove Fort. This section of Interstate 70 is one of the most deserted stretches of Interstate in the United States.
  3. Rainbow Bridge, Nature’s abstract sculpture carved of solid sandstone, is the world’s largest natural-rock span. It stands 278 feet wide and 309 feet high.
  4. The Great Salt Lake covers 2,100 square miles, with an average depth of 13 feet. The deepest point is 34 feet.
  5. The average snowfall in the mountains near Salt Lake City is 500 inches.
For additional fun Facts, visit 50states.com – States and Capitals  

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