A walk through the Life of a Nurse from Schools & Education, to Medical Facilities Jobs & Careers, and Travel Nursing & Vacations

“The Possibilities are Endless”

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Traveling or Vacationing?  Make Sure and Click on State Links Below and Explore the City Links!

The Journey can take you anywhere that you choose. The locations and adventures are up to you to decide.

What is the Nursing Journey?

The Nursing Journey provides nurses and others with many resources City & State wide that they can use during the evolution of their professional career and personal development. The Journey begins in the States and then through the cities – google maps with schools & education, works its way through careers & jobs and onto medical facilities, and then moves onto travel nursing and relocating, and finally finishes with trips and vacation planning

How can a Nurse or Other Person Participate in the Nursing Journey?

Click a State below and enjoy the information found throughout the cities and state.  Make sure and check out the city guides and resource links.  Also make sure and share with us your experience and feedback by participating in the State Discussions.

Who Does the Journey Benefit?

  • Those individuals looking for schools and education by city in a state
  • It is for those seeking careers and jobs in the state
  • Those seeking out medical facilities by city in a state
  • If you are planning to relocate or move to another city or state
  • Those who are planning their next trip or vacation

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To Begin your Journey CLICK a STATE below:

Southeastern States

Arkansas Mississippi Florida
Louisiana Alabama North Carolina
Tennessee Georgia South Carolina

Northeastern States – Coming Soon!

Virginia Pennsylvania Massachusetts Maine
West Virginia New Jersey New York Washington D.C.
Maryland Rhode Island Vermont  
Delaware Connecticut New Hampshire  

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