South Dakota – is a U.S. state in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is named after the Lakota and Dakota SiouxNative American tribes, who compose a large portion of the population and historically dominated the territory. South Dakota is the seventeenth largest by area, but the fifth smallest by population and the 5th least densely populated of the 50 United States. For additional information Wikipedia

South Dakota Nursing News

According to South Dakota ranks number 51 among all 50 states in nursing salary. The average RN salary $57,010 and average hourly is $27.41. The number of RNs in South Dakota, as of 2019, is 12,530. (stats from

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South Dakota Board of Nursing 

South Dakota Nurses Association

 The South Dakota Nurses Association speaks with a unified voice to support professional nursing through advocacy, communication, networking and collaboration across nursing specialties. The Registered Nurse is an advocate of access to quality, cost-effective care while upholding standards of excellence for the profession. 

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South Dakota State Facts


As the southern part of the former Dakota Territory, South Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889, simultaneously with North DakotaPierre is the state capital and Sioux Falls, with a population of about 187,200, is South Dakota’s largest city. More info at Wikipedia

State of South Dakota’s government website

South Dakota symbols


“Mount Rushmore State” celebrates the epic sculpture of the faces of four exalted American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. South Dakota’s Black Hills provide the back-drop for Mount Rushmore, the world’s greatest mountain carving. These 60-foot high faces, 500-feet up, look out over a setting of pine, spruce, birch, and aspen in the clear western air. More information


“Under God, the people rule”


State song:Hail, South Dakota!


The state flag of South Dakota features the great seal on a blazing sun in the center against a field of sky blue. The words “South Dakota” appear above the seal and the officialstate nicknameappears below; “The Mount Rushmore State.” South Dakota flags that are designed for indoor and display use have a golden fringe on three sides. All State Flags

The symbols on the great sealof South Dakota represent the state’s commerce, industry, and natural resources. “Under God the People Rule” (South Dakota’s state motto) appears at the top of the inner circle, which has a background of sky and hills. In the foreground, a steam ship navigates a river running through agricultural and industrial land. The outer circle of the seal bears the words “State of South Dakota,” “Great Seal,” and “1889” (the year South Dakota became a state).

For More great South Dakota State Symbol info

South Dakota sports

Because of its low population, South Dakota does not host any major league professional sports franchises. The state has minor league and independent league teams, all of which play in Sioux Falls or Rapid City. Sioux Falls is home to four teams: the Sioux Falls Canaries(baseball), the Sioux Falls Skyforce(basketball), the Sioux Falls Stampede(hockey), and the Sioux Falls Storm(indoor American football). The Canaries play in the American Association, and their home field is Sioux Falls Stadium. The Skyforce play in the NBA G League, and are owned by the NBA’s Miami Heat. They play at the Sanford Pentagon. The Stampede and Storm share the Denny Sanford Premier Center. The Stampede play in the USHL, and the Storm play in the IFL. Rapid City has a hockey team named the Rapid City Rushthat plays in the ECHL. The Rush began their inaugural season in 2008 at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

Universities in South Dakota host a variety of sports programs. For many years, South Dakota was one of the only states in the country without a NCAADivision Ifootball or basketball team. However, several years ago SDSU decided to move their teams from Division IIto Division I,[196]a move followed by the University of South Dakota. Other universities in the state compete at the NCAA’s Division II or III levels, or in the NAIA.

More South Dakota sports information

Top 10 Travel Destinations in South Dakota

  1. Mammoth Site
  2. Crazy Horse Memorial
  3. Storybook Island
  4. Bear Country USA
  5. Things to Do in South Dakota: McCrory Gardens
  6. South Dakota Attractions: Ingalls Homestead
  7. Prairie Homestead Historic Site
  8. Reptile Gardens
  9. South Dakota Air and Space Museum
  10. Things to Do in South Dakota: 1880 Town

Visit for more travel destinations in South Dakota

South Dakota fun facts 

  1. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum began drilling into the 6,200-foot Mount Rushmore in 1927. Creation of the Shrine to Democracy took 14 years and cost a mere $1 million, though it’s now deemed priceless. 
  2. The faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are sculpted into Mount Rushmore the world’s greatest mountain carving. 
  3. Fossilized remains of life 50 million years ago have been arranged in unusual forms, which is Lemmon’s mark of distinction at the world’s largest petrified wood park. 
  4. Perhaps the most significant fur trade/military fort on the western American frontier, Fort Pierre Chouteau was the largest (almost 300′ square) and best equipped trading post in the northern Great Plains. Built in 1832 by John Jacob Astor’s (1763-1848) American Fur Company as part of its expansion into the Upper Missouri region, the trading activities at the site exemplified the commercial alliance critical to the success of the fur business. 
  5. Jack McCall was tried, convicted and hanged two miles north of Yankton in 1877 for the shooting of Wild Bill Hickok. He is buried in an unmarked grave in the Yankton cemetery. 

***For additional fun Facts: Visit – States and Capitals


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