About Nursing Gateway

Core Values

  • Respect:  Regard for and appreciation of worth; honor and esteem.
  • Integrity: Uprightness in character, honesty, soundness, undivided.
  • Empowering: To enable.
  • Diversity:  Variety or differences.
  • Community: Having common interests and participation.
  • Excellence: Superior in quality or state.
  • Success:  A favorable and desired outcome.

This website is designed in the following spirit, and request all participants to honor these Core Values:

We will use Respect and Integrity while striving to Empower ourselves and our Diverse Community of nurses to achieve the highest possible level of Excellence for continuing Success in the nursing field and life.

Nursing Gateway’s Mission and Vision

Why?  Nursing Gateway – When we worked at the hospital bedside, we used to wonder what it was like for other bedside nurses, doing the same thing, in different parts of the country.  What nursing specialties are available? Are there any differences in how others handle the job related stressors?  Where can we go to socialize with others who understand what we go through?  These questions developed into a dream…to start a website…a gateway, if you will, which would connect nurses from all over the country. And now, that dream has finally become a reality.

What?  is Nursing Gateway – It is an add-free online community of information and resources where nurses from across the country can unite together, learn, develop skills, share ideas, brainstorm problems, and use resources which will help each other become the best of the best.  Some of the various sections of our website include a jobs board, community forum, exploration of nursing specialties, consumer reports, and educational opportunities.  AND THEN…for the “icing on the cake”….a place where you can not only find the tools you need for achieving the highest level of nursing development, but a place to relax, share hobbies, discuss travel, find deals, showcase your own entrepreneurial merchandise…OR… to just sit down with a cup of coffee/tea and enjoy humorous moments with each other.

Vision?  for Nursing Gateway – To grow into the very best online social and informative nursing website available!  We know we have set the ceiling high, and we hope that you will catch our vision, become a part of our Nursing Gateway family, engage in the discussions which will lead to new ideas and innovations, share a laugh or inspirational moment, and help us be visionaries in this wonderful field of nursing.

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